University of Khartoum

Development Studies and Research Institute

  1. Computer Skills
  2. General English Language
  3. Electronic Accounting
  4. Constructions Accounting
  5. Projects Management Professional (PMP)
  6. Project planning using primavera project planner software
  7. Security and safety
  8. Human Resources management
  9. Marketing and Sales Management
  • 10.SPSS10
  1. E-Views
  • 12.Non – Governmental Organization Management
  1. Banks Management and Islamic Banks
  • 14.Modern Teaching Techniques For University Teacher
  • 15.Training of Trainers (T.O.T)
  1. Logistic Operations Management
  2. Public Relations
  3. Computer Maintenance
  • Networks Maintenance
  • Advanced Computer Skills
  1. Secretarial and Office Management
  • Secretarial and Office Management    
  • Feasibility Studies for Projects
  • English Communication
  • Preparing and Reports Writing
  • Safety in American OSHA
  • Total quality management
  • Time and work stress management
  • Fundamentals and basics of voluntary societies work
  • Diplomatic Studies and International Relation
  • Developing Accounting & Auditing Professional Skills
  • Hospitals Management
  • Hazard Analysis&Critical Control Point
  • ISO 22000/2005
  1. Food Security
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  1. Leadership and pharmaceutical Administration
  2. Medicinal and pharmaceutical marketing
  • Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP)
  • Autism
  • Banking Fraud and Information Security
  • Crisis Management Through Enterprises
  • Psychological and Therapeutic Counseling
  • Psychological Sports Preparation
  • Psychometric and Intelligence Quotient (I.Q)
  • Primary Health Care
  • Kindergartens Management
  • Maternity, family sciences and community service
  • Women leadership skills building
  1. Voluntary societies capacity raising
  • Administration skills, effective behavior and follow up and evaluation
  • Advocacy and networking
  • Social inclusion
  • Working with a team spirit
  • Societal leadership
  • Communication skills and effective supervision
  • Planning and manipulation of crises and work continuity planning
  • Service development skills
  • Outstanding leadership, creative thinking and change management
  1. Financial Planning, prediction and methods of planned budgets, Preparation and control
  • Planning and objectives setting
  • Administrative and behavioral skills and capacity building
  1. Institutional development and change management
  2. Outstanding leadership, creative thinking and change management
  3. Modern trends in human resources management
  4. Analysis and design the job and assessment of human resources Management Efficiency
  5. Projects Management
  • Micro- financing
  • PCM (Professional Certified Marketer)
  • Logistics, sea transport, clearance and supply operations management
  • Logistics Operations, River Transport, Clearance and Supplying
  1. Evaluation and assessment of job performance and relating it to the Training process
  • Information protection system – Risk management (ISO 27005)
  • Tourist marketing and promotion
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and Decision Making
  • CPRS (Certified Public Relations Specialist)

77.CCRMS (Certified Customer Relationship Management Specialist)

  1. Capacity development for accounting and auditing professionals
  • Public health, safety and environment improvement
  • Secretarial & Office Management    
  • Principles of information security

82.    Communication Skills, Team Work, Time Management and English for Special Purposes

  • Web Design
  1. Sports Management and leadership