1. Encourages, conducts, promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary teaching and research in the area of development studies
  2. Designs curricula leading to degrees in the field of development studies.
  3. Conducts short training courses, seminars, public lectures, workshops, conferences on problems relating to socio-economic development.
  4. Enhances and follows-up research on development studies through periodicals, reports and publications.
  5. Provides communication facilities between researchers within the university, government and other related corporate bodies at the national and international level.
  6. Cooperates closely with researchers, institutes and other agencies in fields of specialization.
  7. Provides forum for exchange of experiences and disseminates know-how on development issues among experts, staff and students.
  8. Provides and promotes programs and research dealing with the area of documentation and information science as well as the exchange of publications where feasible.
  9. Promotes gender studies through teaching, research, training and curricula development for capacity building.
  10. Conducts all that is necessary to carry out its stated objectives.