Documtaion Information

  The documentation unit is seen as one of the most crucial elements in the DSRI, providing a basic resource on development and related themes not only for its postgraduate students, but also for academic staff of the institute members in the government as well as the private sector.
Currently a development information center (ICD) is established as a partnership between the DSRI and the World Bank.
ICD acts as a regional depository library for World Bank publications and related issues.The ICD has an electronic library that include eight computer stations with internet access and linkages to data bases are provided free to all public and local community users , in addition to two computers at the ground floor for people with disabilities.
Dissemination of activities:
  The DSRI offers its development studies and research outcome in various forms:
1-The DSRI publications include: 
-Monograph series.
-Book series.
-Postgraduate Teaching Materials Series.
2-The DSRI regular dialogue forum:
 The ICD within the DSRI organizes monthly forum that aims to provide linkage between academic institution and the community through dissemination of Knowledge and sharing of development information on current issues for sustainable development.
The director  of documentation and information unit : Ibtisam M. Suliman